Best Autumn-Themed Party Supplies

If you’re planning to throw an autumn-themed party, making sure you have theme-appropriate party rentals lined up is a must! Whether you’re going for a classy fall theme, or a rustic fall themed party, Sage and Thistle Rentals has a wide variety to choose from. Here are a few of our favorite fall-themed rentals. 

Brown Resin Antlers 

Mounted deer heads and antlers are trending right now, and if you are looking for a rustic, or even a modern, fall-themed party this season, be sure to include these as décor at your party. Many people choose these for décor on a table, or even choose to hang them up. You can even add beads dangling from the antlers if you choose. Antlers will complete the fall look at your party and are unique party supply rentals. 

Wire Baskets 

Wire baskets are functional and cute when decorating for a fall theme. You can use these baskets for a pile of apples, pumpkins, or even for a pile of rolls at the end of your catering table.  


Along with letterboards, chalkboards are popular for event décor. Chalkboards are useful for writing menu items, signs for bathrooms, food, entrances, exits, and more. They also give your event a finishing touch, and can be used anywhere at your party venue. The party supply rentals at Sage and Thistle offer a wide variety of chalkboards, from free-standing to stacked crate chalkboards 


Mirrors can also be used as décor, and can even be written on and made into a sign. Sage and Thistle has a beautiful large gold frame mirror that comes with a chalkboard pen so that you can write whatever you please on it. Sage and Thistle also offers sign calligraphy for an additional fee if you feel like your handwriting isn’t up to par.  


Lastly, to complete your fall décor theme, you’ll need easels, especially if you have a lot of signs at your party. Easels not only prop up signs so that people can see them better, but they also look nicer than leaving your sign propped up against the wall or floor. Sage and Thistle has many different easels to choose from, whether it be a tabletop easel or larger floor easel. 

Party supply rentals will make your autumn themed party an effortless success. It’s all about the details when you choose decorations for a party, and guests will love the attention you put into the décor for your party. When guests at your party are happy, you’ll be one happy host! 

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