Considering Food Allergies at Your Corporate Event

For your next catered corporate event to be successful, your planning process should take several factors into account, including the fact that food quality can make or break your event. When talking to your caterer about your event’s menu, consider the fact that some of your guests may be suffering from food allergies. To make sure your event is safe and fun for all attendees, follow this checklist, which will help you to minimize the impact of potential food allergies at your corporate event.

Communicate with Your Guests

To learn more about your guests’ needs with regard to food allergies, fine-tune your registration process. Offer your guests the opportunity to choose between menu options and include a survey on their registration form where they can indicate any food allergies.

Communicate with Your Caterer

As soon as you’ve learned what your guests’ dietary needs are, communicate them to your caterer in order to help them plan healthy food and beverage options for those with food allergies.

 Communicate with Your Event’s Chef and Servers

Your chef and servers should know beforehand which ingredients are being served and whether some guests are allergic to them. If your staff is well-informed about your event’s menu, they can steer guests away from eating foods which contain ingredients they’re allergic to. 

Label Your Buffet Items and Menus

If you’re serving guests buffet-style, add detailed labels to each item on the table that explain their ingredients. If your caterers are unsure if some foods are allergen-free, label them as such. Highlight items that may trigger food allergies with warnings, such as “May Contain Nuts”. Printed menus should contain the same information. 

Be Prepared to Respond to Food Allergy Emergencies

To safeguard your reputation as a reliable Utah Corporate Events Planner, train your event staff on medical emergency protocols to follow in the event of an allergic reaction. As an event planner, you’re responsible for ensuring your guests’ safety throughout the duration of your corporate event. Pay keen attention to any food allergies your guests may have, to ensure that your corporate event is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

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