Different Benefits of Party Supply Stores and Online Rentals

When you are throwing a party for the holidays this year, remember that there are two different options to consider for party rentals. Both party supply stores and online rentals can help you to throw the perfect holiday party for your friends and family. There are benefits of both, and we’ll tell you all of the details so that you can choose whether it would be best for you to rent from a supply store or online.

Party Supply Stores

You can see the items in person– When you walk into a party supply store, you can actually touch, pick up, and use the item you are thinking about purchasing. Sometimes, seeing the dimensions of an item in person will help you to make the decision about whether or not to rent an item. Plus, there will be no hidden surprises about the party rentals you choose since you’ve already seen it in person.

You’ll get exactly the look you want– At a party supply store, you’ll be able to see many options, all in the same place. If you go to a supply store, you can see how various decorations look together, to be able to achieve a detail-oriented look. This detail-oriented look will make others think you’ve spent a lot of time putting all the details together when in reality you’ve used rentals. The ability to go in and see these rentals together will help you complete your vision on the upcoming event instead of speculation.

Online Rentals

You won’t waste time– During the holidays, you are planning holiday parties, buying presents, decorating your home, booking caterers, and more. You don’t have the time to go to the store for your party, let alone have the time to choose from a million different decoration options. By renting online, you’ll save precious time and be able to have the ideal look for your party.

It’ll be more convenient– Along with saving your time, another benefit of buying your party rentals online is that it is way more convenient. The reason it’s convenient is that everything is in one place—right on your computer. It also means that you don’t have to get in your car and go to the store. You can literally sit at home, in your PJs, and rent everything that you need for your party. As mentioned before, this truly frees up your time to get other things accomplished.

The Best of Both Worlds

In the long run, if you choose to rent your décor from either party supply stores or online rentals, you’ll benefit from it. At Sage and Thistle, you can decide to buy your party rentals from our store in person, or online! We want to provide the most convenience to you as you look for your party rentals. Sage and Thistle is unique because we offer both a rental warehouse and an online rental store.

Our warehouse gives people rental options for party, décor, and furniture. It’s open 5 days a week, and no appointment is needed. We have empty tables set up ready for you to come and shop our aisles and put together sample centerpieces. Our designers will be ready to answer your questions or give our opinions. If you can’t come in or already know what you want, you can rent your items online from the comfort of your own home. At Sage and Thistle, you’ll be getting the customer service that you need, whether you choose to come into our warehouse, or stay in your pajamas and rent online.

Photography: The Visionary Co.

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