Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

We love holidays here at Sage and Thistle, and there’s nothing better than holiday traditions! We’ve rounded up our favorite traditions to share with you today!

Kayla is our newest team member, and our team member from Australia. We LOVE hearing her talk almost as much as we love her! She’s only celebrated Thanksgiving two times in her life! For her, Thanksgiving is all about the food, so her favorite tradition is the sandwiches she and her family makes from the leftover turkey!

Paige looks forward to going to the movies every year with her sweet family! She says there have definitely been some duds (movies) over the years, but it’s such a fun tradition she loves to do!

Brock, our operations manager, says that for him, Thanksgiving is all about family. There’s nothing better, but frying the turkey comes to a close second! He can’t have Thanksgiving without it! It takes a week to make, but worth all of the time it takes.  We love this story he shared with us, “My favorite Thanksgiving memory was one year when we were together with my Dad’s family, my Grandma, who was a spitfire of a lady, made a bunch of pies and set them in a room by themselves to be eaten when everyone was done eating. Me, my brothers, and two cousins, decided we were done and wanted pie so we proceeded to go in and start helping ourselves. One of my younger cousins happened to mosey around the corner and saw us eating and proceeded to run, screaming at the top of his lungs, towards the adults that we were in the pie! My 75 year old Grandma came running down the hall and proceeded to berate us for eating the pie before she could get the whip cream made to go on top!”

Missy‘s favorite tradition, like Paige, is to go to the movies with her family! They always come home after the movie and stuff themselves with pie! It’s the best! She also is sure to make her grandma’s dressing for Thanksgiving dinner, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it!

Richie‘s favorite tradition of Thanksgiving comes after all of the family who was over for dinner goes home. He and his family set up and decorate their Christmas tree!

Laura‘s mom always makes pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving dinner! Yum! Her Thanksgiving traditions were more in anticipation of their Christmas Eve tradition of going to Disneyland every year!

Kim loves creating the perfect Thanksgiving dinner for her family. She loves setting out her china and goblets on a beautiful table. She and her family always go to a movie if there’s something good playing (she and Paige are sisters!), or they watch a movie together at home. After the big dinner, they always turn on their outside Christmas lights.

Erica loves going home to Tennessee for Thanksgiving! Her favorite tradition is all of the appetizers that her family serves throughout the day leading up the big meal later in the day! They’re her favorite! She also loves going in the backyard to pick magnolia leaves to use as decorations on the Thanksgiving table, they always remind her of home.

When Tye thinks of Thanksgiving, the first thing she thinks of is eating! (But really, who doesn’t?!) Her favorite Thanksgiving tradition is to go around the table with everyone saying what they are grateful for. Simple, but sweet and perfect for the holiday!

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