Holiday Playlist for Your Corporate Event

One thing a lot of people don’t always think about when planning a corporate event is their music selection. It seems like such a small detail, something you can worry about at the very end of your planning. However, this couldn’t be more untrue. Music is such an underrated step in party planning. Music sets the mood of the party, can accompany the theme of the party, and overall can make or break any and all of your Utah corporate events.


When it comes to picking out music for Utah corporate events, making sure you are keeping your theme in mind is super important. The theme of your party can help you decided what type of music you are wanting. If you are wanting to incorporate the holiday season into your party you can easily add Christmas songs to your playlist. If you are wanting an elegant party that doesn’t revolve around the holidays, you can make a classical music playlist. If you are needing help picking out a theme for your corporate event, click here for our tips! Having your playlist match your theme will help the party to flow smoothly. The music can also help add to the theme and make it more noticeable and complete.


Along with your theme, you will want to make sure your party playlist sets the kind mood you are wanting. For example, if you are wanting a dance party vibe, you are going to want to include songs people know and can dance to on your playlist. If you want a calm party where people can chat, you will want to include soft gentle songs on your playlist. Music is one of the fastest ways to set the mood, so making sure your music agrees with the mood you want at your event.

Keep Audience in Mind

Taking into account who will be attending your party is important when you are deciding what music you want to play at the event. Obviously, if you are planning on having kids or young people attend your event, you will want to make sure that all the music is appropriate and clean for these kids. If you have a lot of older people attending, playing songs they know and love may be better than playing songs that are currently popular with younger adults or teens.

When it comes to planning Utah corporate events, music can be a little tricky, but it doesn’t really need to be. As long as you are making sure your music accompanies your party theme, supports the mood you want to set, and is appropriate for all attendees, your music options are pretty open. If you need help planning your party and your playlists, contact Utah corporate events party planners at Sage and Thistle today!

Photography: Samantha Jane Images
Venue: @vistacedarhills

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