How to Throw Your Best Corporate Event Yet

Corporate event planning is no easy task. Anyone who has planned one before understands that it takes tireless days, weeks, and even months of serious preparation. And considering the many benefits of holding a corporate event, Your company should understand that it is not a one-time thing. So, what does it take to consistently top the last event, or for that manner, any past corporate event that your company has thrown? The answer is…DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Something that leaves the attendees feeling a sense of amazing!

Think of the times you’ve been to events… How invested and involved were you in the event activities? What stood out to you?… I am going to assume that you are like me and would go into events without high expectations but still for some reason, find it difficult to truly be impressed. The difference maker in events is getting others involved in something they didn’t expect and out of no obligation.  If you can do that, then you will have yourself an event in which guests create memorable moments that will have them leaving happy and invested, rather than leaving early and impassive.

The specific kinds of moments you want your guests to experience are voluntary participation side-activities that award them small prizes.  For example, ideas like Virtual Reality experience tables, a mobile marching band playing people’s requests, or a laser-tag activity throughout the venue.  Or, the idea can be something really big! This ‘big idea’ would be something really unique; something along the lines of these listed activities that others actually experienced:

  • A surprise performer—A celebrated musical artist like One Republic
  • A military stunt—F16 fighter jets flying over a tennis tournament activity
  • A high tech moment—A 3-D hologram message from a guest or executive
  • A surprise keynote speaker—A Navy Seal that brought down Osama Bin Laden

These experiences are quite extravagant, but no matter if you do/don’t have the budget or means to pull something like this, you need to recognize what all these unique experiences have in common: SURPRISE!

You can’t have the best event EVER with people going in knowing exactly what to expect.  There is even research that shows that by pressing your guests to experience or think something different or new, they will enjoy it even more because it will stimulate their intellect. Similarly, when they interact with others and confront new technologies, they will equally experience that memorable moment!

It truly all comes down to that extra pizazz; that NEW difference-maker. In order to accomplish everything you are about to set out on, you will most likely need to abide by the following tips:

  • Set a Specific Goal—Try relating the goal to a current aim of the company
  • Find a Fitting Venue—Not too big, not too small, and provided with plenty of prep time.
  • Invite the Right People—This doesn’t mean guests, but the entertainment, caterers, etc.
  • Create a Theme—This will guide you to find the appropriate foods, activities, and venue.
  • Have Fun—There is nothing more to it. When the event happens, enjoy it yourself!

If this all seems too daunting you really should look into hiring an event planner or event coordinator to help relieve the stressful burden that sits all on you. To see more up-and-coming ideas that other events are trying, check out another one of our blogs: 10 Trends in Corporate Events. In the end, have confidence and, as stated before, have fun!

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