Including Giveaways at Your Corporate Event

People LOVE free stuff, and when they aren’t expecting it, receiving free stuff is even better! Some of the most enjoyable events include raffles or big giveaways. Even if you do not win, it is exciting to see someone else win something. At corporate events, whether the giveaway is random or based on someone winning a contest, a giveaway is always a good idea.

If you are unsure with what kinds of things you can give away, there are a few options we’ve provided that you could consider below.

Work-related Prizes – A great idea that not too many companies have thought of doing is to award their employees with gifts that correlate directly with their work. Each option can vary on what your company would be willing in regard to the duration and amount, but here a just a few awesome ideas.

– Time off
– Bonus
– Free Lunch/Gift cards

Tickets – Another wonderful idea for your corporate event to include in their giveaway are tickets to upcoming events. It shows that your company understands what is going on around you and what your employees have an interest in. You cannot go wrong with any of the following events.

– A famous artist’s concert
– A play
– A professional or collegiate sporting event
– Movie theater tickets
– Day Pass to a ski resort

Electronics – There is never a bad time for someone to upgrade their electronic device so any of these options would be highly appreciated.

– Smart TV
– Laptop
– Alexa or Google
– Apple TV/Roku/Chromcast
– PS4/XBOX/Nintendo

Other Gifts – There are some other ideas that are big and small. If you do not have the budget to hand over some of the more expensive prices above, these might not be bad options (though, some are still expensive).

– Snowboard and Skis
– Slackline
– Football, basketball, etc.
– Video game or movie
– Hoover board
– Swing-set for the family
– Board game
– Gift card (restaurants, retail stores, activity places)

If none of these ideas seem right for your corporate event, you can always ask your employees for ideas to see what they might be interested in.

When it comes to the type of giveaway, there are many ways to go about it. If you want to push your employees to work harder leading up to the event, consider awarding employees that hit their numbers or accomplish a difficult task at the corporate event. This award-based giveaway will for sure drive employees to achieve more. At the event, you might have a simple contest and award the top-5 winners. This will not only bring more people to your event but also increase the participation. The last option you might consider is a raffle. Let them decide where they place their raffle ticket so they have a better chance of winning what they want. This is simply giving out gifts to make your employees/guests happy.

Whatever giveaway you go with at your corporate event, you cannot go wrong. Obviously, make sure it falls within your budget, but don’t be afraid to put more money towards this activity—the results will likely payout better than your decorations or food will. If you need any other assistance with your event planning, contact us at Sage & Thistle, the best corporate event company in Utah.

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