Incorporating a Cause at Your Corporate Event

In Utah, companies love to offer more than just their service or product to others. The latest corporate buildings are no longer utilizing every bit of space for cubicles, but are creating game rooms, nap rooms, and snack bars. In addition to these attractive amenities for employees, companies are holding regular corporate events at theaters and inviting the families and friends of their employees. Another innovative idea that the most up-to-date companies are incorporating is including a meaningful cause (or fundraiser) for individuals, groups, or entities.

There are communities that are located near large corporate companies that benefit from events that are sponsored by a company simply because of their proximity.  Whether it is a firework show in the summer, a soup kitchen in the winter, or a 5K run at just about any time of the year, these companies want to give back to the community and their employees.

The cause-centered events do not have to be for the good of the community but are sometimes even more specific in who is benefited. They can be for individuals struggling with a disease or other groups that are trying to do good for the world.

So what kind of activities take place at these Utah corporate events?

Now, these types of events are not unique to just Utah, but the more interaction you have with the new start-up companies that are spreading all across Utah, you will continue to see these kinds of events. While they may include a cause, the events do not have to sacrifice fun! A few fun ideas for these events include the following:

Races – 5K runs and relay races with a good theme and a participation fee

Bake-Offs and Soup Kitchens – Food that can be made for homeless shelters, etc.

Drives – Clothing, canned-food, and blood drives can all be a turned into an event

Giveaways – Auctions and Raffles can be directed towards homes in need

Team Tournaments – Similar to races, sporting tournaments with a participation fee

Each of these ideas is either a pay to participate (with the money raised going to the specific cause) or are simply free food or materials that will be given directly to those in need. The ideas provided above are just a few, but there are a lot more. Perhaps, if you feel the ideas are too small, consider combining a few of these ideas into one.

Whatever cause-centered corporate event you like, there is no need to wait—anytime is a good time to give back. With Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year coming up, why not consider hosting a corporate event that’s purpose is to help others? If this sounds like a good idea to you, or if you are still searching for the right event for your company, consult with us, today! We are more than capable of planning, managing and creating an event that fits the needs of your company, big or small.

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