Most Common Wedding Decoration Rentals

There is no event planning that compares to planning the biggest day of your life, tying the knot, saying your vows, throwing the bouquet, dancing the night away and making so many memories with all of your loved ones!

You want it all to be perfect and we understand that, so deciding on where to get your wedding decor rentals is possibly at the forefront when it comes to planning.

Are you wondering what the most common wedding decoration rentals are? This can be a good place to start if you are looking for inspiration or some fresh ideas.

Tables and Chairs

This may not be the most fun part of your wedding planning, but it’s certainly one of the most essential aspects; guests are going to need a seat during your ceremony, the reception and any interludes you may be planning.

Can you imagine standing all day through a wedding? Neither can we!

Read Between the Linens

Tables can look ever so pretty with the correct choice of linens, tablecloths and napkins. Having matching patterns and colors to compliment the theme of your day will add an extra sense of class and personal taste to your big day. While it may not seem like a big deal, aesthetic is everything.

You don’t have to choose anything super poppy, neutral colors can work really well if you prefer to put the spotlight on your dinnerware and dishes.

Dinnerware: What’s Next for Your Wedding Decor Rentals?

After the tables and chairs have been set, you will need cutlery, dinner plates, bowls, glasses and dishes to don atop of them. Dinner could get awfully messy without them and it may be worth checking if your venue has its own cocktail sets or if you need to provide your own. If that’s the case, we can help!

The Dancefloor

If you haven’t booked a ballroom then you may need to think about some type of dancefloor rental for people to strut their moves on, and most importantly, for your first dance!

It’s the part of the night when everything is in full swing, so check the size of your venue and get your thinking cap on as to what size and material you will need.

Most importantly, have fun with your planning of wedding decor rentals and enjoy the build-up to the most exciting day of your life.

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